monterey photography


 Do you remember going to the playground when you were a child ? It was magical right? When I was thinking about doing a bold color shoot it took me a while to think where can I do this and then of course I thought a playground! There is a wonderful playground in Monterey California it’s name is Dennis the menace park. Dennis the Menace park is a great place for children and for wacky photographers I was able to find bold colors of orange , yellow, blue and green, And with great shapes and repetitive lines. I brought my friend Jolie with me to be my muse  because she has the spirit of a playful child trapped in the body of a responsible adult. It turned out well because I got the shots I wanted and we didn’t get kicked out. 😂😂


On a very bright sunshiny day at the edge of winter and with spring right around the corner I rang Sophia and asked her to meet me at Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove California. The beach looked amazing that day. It had bright blue skies with big puffy white clouds it was almost perfect if it wasn’t for the fact they were fierce winds sending sand into the air. I had asked Sophia to wear her red chiffon dress and I was to bring extra red chiffon to go with her dress and we were going to play at the beach I felt guilty for asking her to pose in such fierce winds but she said she didn’t mind. She and I both loved the end result and no one got hurt in the process.